mobiCommercebeta is a Software-as-a-Service platform that allows you to create a beautiful mobile commerce website.

Platform Features


HTML5 Front-End

Mobile sites generated with mobiCommerce utilize HTML5 and CSS3 to deliver the best user experiences to your customers.  Progressive enhancement, offline storage, geolocation, and support for rich media are just some of the features included in the platform. 

Integration with E-Commerce Platforms

mobiCommerce integrates with existing e-commerce platforms including Magento, osCommerce, Zen Cart, and Volusion.  The API integration allows product catalog information to stay synced between an existing e-commerce site and a mobile site generated by mobiCommerce.

Speed & Scalability

mobiCommerce runs on cloud and is built to scale.  Whether you are a small online retailer with 5k unique visitors or a  retailer with 500k unique visitors per month, mobiCommerce will scale seamlessly.  Utilizing the Content Delivery Network (CDN) from Amazon Web Services, the site, pages, product images and any other contents will load blazing fast.  Additionally, all product images on the platform are optimized for mobile devices, which allows fast loading of pages without compromise in image quality.

Google Checkout

Multiple Checkout and Payment Options

Google Checkout, Paypal, and payment options are supported.



Twitter and Facebook

Social Media Integration

The social media feature will allow your customers to share your products and purchases with their friends on various social media networks including Facebook and Twitter.  This is a great way to create a buzz about your business, products, and promotions.  Additionally, customers will be able to register on your mobile site quickly through Facebook Connect integration.  Through the administration interface, you can turn on/off social media integration to your mobile website.