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“Mobile strategy should evolve to become aligned with and support the overall business strategy.”

A mobile strategy should be aligned to the business’ overall strategy

Many early mobile strategies we have seen are focused on mobile only, without much connection to other channels, such as face-to-face and the web.

In a next-generation mobile strategy, mobile should be described in the context of how it meets the overall strategy of a business.  For example, the B2C part of the mobile strategy will address how mobile is part of the customer-facing multichannel strategy.

A next-generation mobile strategy will describe how mobile technology will go beyond replicating web capabilities to describe how mobile-only capabilities can drive innovative uses.

Many first-generation and current mobile strategies focus on replicating portions of existing websites or portals on a mobile device.  This is a logical and necessary first step for businesses, but it is not the endpoint.

New technology is enabling mobile-only capabilities that the web could never do.  For example, near-field communications (NFC) can allow mobile phones to act as a key for hotel rooms or rental cars that are issued to guests on their arrival.

Mobile Strategy