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There are many ways to market a mobile app.  We have listed some of them below.

1.  Write a good description

I can’t count the number of times I’ve seen an app for sale that has a one or two line description that barely tells the customer anything about the app.  Sure, you can attach screenshots, but you want to close the sale with your words.  Make sure you detail key features and write a description that will compel the customer to hit the download button. Take a look at successful apps in your category and see how they use the description field to market themselves. If you are a poor writer, you might think about hiring someone to write this text for you.

Another neat trick you can do with the description field is to mention your direct competition, especially the successful competition. “This app is similar to _____, which also does _____.” This could help your app come up in more search results.

2. Create a dedicated website

This is one of the most straightforward marketing ideas.  Create a dedicated website for your app and include the app and feature descriptions, screenshots, links to download the app.  Here is a sample of WordPress theme for marketing mobile app.  We highly recommend that you have a website for your app before you do anything else during the marketing phase.

3. Create a video

Do you have a game? Or a really cool and entertaining app? Along with utilizing social media sites, developers have taken to YouTube to help market their apps. And in many cases, it has worked out very well. Not only can YouTube help you demo your product to your audience, but it is another avenue that offers the opportunity for your app to go viral.

4. Reach out to bloggers

Search your app’s topic in Google and find relevant newspaper columns and blogs you can target with a press release. And be sure to mention that promo codes are available for those who would like to review the app. This is the most basic form of marketing, and it can also have the most bang for your buck. If you can get your app mentioned in an article by a site like Mashable or TechCrunch, you’ll not only see a boost in downloads, you’ll also see other review sites follow their lead.

5. Go social

This can be especially important if you have a niche product.  Getting in touch with your audience can be a great way to grow your customer base.  Facebook and Twitter are great places to start, but don’t ignore the various discussion forums.  If you’ve developed an RPG aid that helps people with rolling dice and keeping track of character statistics, look for a discussion forum dedicated to role-playing games. If your app is centered around recipes for people with specialized dietary restrictions, reach out on the web and find communities centered around these people.