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“Apps accounted for 85% of internet time spent on phones in 2013.”

Building a mobile app is not an easy task, but if done right, the rewards can be tremendous.  As mobile adoption rate in the US reaches 90% and the US consumers spend on average 2.5 hours per day on their mobile devices, having a mobile app will open up a new communication channel between your business and customers. As you consider building a mobile app for your business, brand, or organization, see how you answer following questions.

What is your target platform/device?

Are you targeting iOS, Android, or both?  There are many things to consider before deciding what is right for you.  Check out this eMarketer article to understand the two user profiles. Also, understand whether you want a mobile web (HTML5 + Responsive Design) or mobile app (native).  Check out this VentureBeat article to understand better.


What are the major features of your app?

It is easy to fall into a trap of trying to add too many services or features into a mobile app.  It is therefore vital to have a clear understanding of what and how your app delivers values to your customers. If you are building a promotion or marketing app, an integration with social media will be helpful.  If you are building a mobile-commerce app that will help generate revenue, an integration with online payment platform will be critical. Our recommendation is that you start out with a minimum set features and gradually add more on an incremental basis as you build your user base.

How will the app engage the users?

A weather app, for example, provides whether information in your area.  The interaction between a user and the weather app is minimal since one usually launches the app, gets the weather information, and closes the app.  On the other hand, apps such as Facebook or Yelp require greater interaction where users conduct search, send & receive messages, upload photos, etc.